Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All You Need Is the Game!

Or, perhaps, you could call this post "I never played the game."

Nope, never had an Atari game system.

But I found the rules to this game, and check it out!

Note the state-of-the-art graphics in the "screen caps" of the various scenarios.

Also,. note the GRREAT Curt Swan art on the cover, and also in the interior.

Boy, on the front cover of the game rules, ol' Supes looks pretty darned sad, don't he?

This kind of reflects the Silver Age sensibilities, in which Lost Krypton was the forever-lost Golden Age of existence, to which the Man of Steel continually hearkened in flashbacks, time journeys, and "Imaginary Stories" which might never happen, but then again, just might!
See ya!

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