Friday, July 13, 2007

Something Else from SoonerCon -- What Is It?

That's kind of a rhetorical question. I know that this is a copy of Issue #1 of the newest JLA comic, cover-dated June 2007. It's a "sketch variation" cover, or some such.

My question is, is it worth a million bucks or something? Let me know, if any of you guys are big JLA folks. I mean, I read and buy the new JLA, but differing cover art don't matter much to me.
See ya soon!


Tamara said...

It's not worth a million bucks but definitely more than cover price. Bag, board and hang on to it. These are usually retailer incentive covers and they're hard to get. Very keen looking too.

Tamara said...

Okay. Ignore what I sad earlier about it being a retailer incentive. What you have is the 3rd printing of #1. looks way keen and I'd hang on to it. Found it on Ebay for a buy it now of $3.99 with $4 shipping.

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