Sunday, June 10, 2007

Isn't It Amazing?

SoonerCon 2007 is now over (yea!)

I found lots of cool stuff to share (yea!).

Here is a copy one of DC's own behind-the-scenes mag, The Amazing World of DC Comics. Issue 7, dated July 1975, concerns a fictional guy near and dear to our hearts ... Well, let's just let the Swonderful Curt Swan announce it ...

There's an interview with Mort Weisinger, a reprint of a story published in a mini-comic and therefore never reprinted before, and other features, including an interesting article about the Superman Serials, which -- in 1975 -- had never been seen since their original showings, soon after their production in 1948 and 1950.

Of course, they've were released this year on DVD and before that, they were available on videotape since at least 1988, Superman's 50th.

Inside the front and back covers are one-page features by Allen Asherman, as seen below.
More next time!

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