Sunday, January 28, 2007

Y'see? Y'see? Your Super Minds. Super, Super! *

I just got a wonderful thing in the mail. It's a mini-onesheet for Superman Returns. But, it's in Korean, not English! How cool is that!

It's kinda neat to see this piece of Asian PR.

Look at the top line of text on the front side. Because of the comma in the middle and the exclamation point at the end, I bet that this line is Korean for "Look, Up in the Sky!"

And the tag at the bottom refers interested parties to That site isn't valid, but something similar is found at

And many thanks for my old STAR OKC / SoonerCon buddy, Jon Powell, who now lives in South Korea with his lovely wife Jeong and kids Andre and Pauline. Jon's blog may be found at

Thanks again, Jon!

And y'all don't forget to write!

(* That was a reference to Dudley Manlove's line in Plan 9 from Outer Space.)

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