Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Superman II Now Available!

Well, we had an interesting time Friday evening trying to buy a copy of the big ol' 14-disc Superman DVD super-set! We knew Target was sold out. So we went to Best Buy. They were out. So we went to Circuit City. They were out. So we went to Wherehouse. They had it!

The first thing I dug out was the Donner Superman II. Boy Howdy, it's a corker! Just about every plot hole was filled, except...how does Clark Kent walk back to the Fortress?!?
You can quibble about the resolution ... but that's the original ending. As originally written, the turn-back-the-world sequence was to end Superman II.

In honor of the new, original Superman II, for the next few days we're going to share excerpts from a magazine-sized release of the Daily Planet, from 1981. Here's the cover, and an editorial from Perry White.

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