Monday, December 18, 2006

Eight-Track Super-Fever!

As the more experienced of us know, Eight-Track Tapes were a short-lived format (only 20 years or so) which lost the consumer marathon, to the audio cassette. You can still find a fair selection of eight-tracks at your neighborhood thrift store. These are statistically likely to contain country music, or to be bootlegged knock-offs of actual albums.

You can see from the examples here that Eight Tracks were also current in the late 1970s when Superman: The Movie commercialism was at a peak. While the tape above has only one Super-selection (but track 2 is a Battlestar Galactica knock-off!), the tape pictured below has only Super-songs on it.
Sad to say, my access to eight-track technology has waned over the years, so I haven't heard these lovely paeans to Krypton's son.
But stay tuned tomorrow for more Super-music, and learn how YOU can hear some!

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