Wednesday, September 06, 2006

song, "A Perfect Place"

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect place (you could live)
A place where peace and gentleness were no disgrace (what would you give)
Well, everybody needs a place like that
But I say it isn’t a dream
A place where good times will never go flat
And friendship is all that it seems

Did you ever long for a perfect home (you could go)
A playroom that is bigger than the Astrodome (and fun could grow)
Want to find it? I can show you how
Yes you really can get there from here
The home you’re looking for is waiting now
Where welcome and joy cast out fear

If life is just a race for you
You’re running to nowhere
My father has a place for you
And you can join us there

My brother’s there -- he’s building you a room (to call your own)
And all your trials he’s weaving like a loom (to build your throne)
He’s got piercings and he did it for you
So you could graduate from this place
He’s using this song as a call for you
His love is something we can only call “grace”

Come join his caravan of life
You’ll find it quite exciting
Forget your worries, fears, and strife
He’ll find you where you’re hiding

And then you’ll go with me to that perfect place (I’ll see you there)
And you can’t help but have a joyful, smiling face (there’s joy to spare)
So take my hand upon the upward climb
We’ll hold each other up, so neither will fall
Don’t worry if you stumble, it is not a crime
And at the top the view pays for it all –
Now you won’t have to dream of a perfect place . . .

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