Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Top Ten Ways to Use the Force in the Bathroom

10) Who needs hair gel?

9) No problem reaching that itchy place in your back with the bath sponge.

8) Getting the toothpaste cap out of the drain is no problem.

7) What bathtub ring?

6) When the toilet paper is in the cabinet that you can’t reach without getting off the toilet.

5) Keep soap out of your eyes when shampooing.

4) Make sure the bathroom scales show the “right” weight.

3) If your Dear One leaves something behind in the toilet, you can change it to smell like roses. She thinks it already does, anyway.

2) Three words: Endless. Hot. Water.

1) Constipation is just a word.

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Anonymous said...

...wayyyy too much time in the bathroom here, folks ....

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